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The Art of Balayage, from Technical Excellence to Aesthetic Uniqueness

Blonde balayage in Hollywood, California
Balayage in Hollywood, los angeles, california
Blonde balayage highlites, hair salon

The Art of Balayage as interpreted by me, Vincent.

What is Balayage you wonder? Let's start with the definition of the word Balayage. For those who don't speak French, the word means 'Sweep', which describes the motion necessary for a true Balayge result. Hence, "Sun Swept", an expression I often use for this technique. There is NO Foil, open air, (often covered for processing) and always only Hand 'Swept" Perfectly Placed Highlights.

The Balayage technique being French, and obviously European, means that this method existed long before foil Highlighting came to the scene. Once reserved for Movie Stars and Celebrities, the Balyage method is no longer a secret, thanks in part to social media.

I am happy to say I've been doing this technique since 1997, and with 22 years of experience I feel confident in saying I've mastered the free-hand technique, with careful placement and feathering at the Hair line and part, or Artfully placed Hombre highlights set away from the head in an appropriate random origin in order to replicate the Sun's natural action. (Growing up in Santa Barbara on the beach makes it second nature for me with regard to placement.).

It is Honestly the best method to achieve either the coveted "Sun Kissed', 'Sun Swept" or 'Sun Drenched' effect, From "Bronde" to "Bombshell" blonde, I can get you there, and I always Use "Olyplex" with every Lightening Service!!!

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