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Women’s Haircut
One of our satisfactions surpass our female clients expectations and surprise them with our service.

The female clients at VHA are accustomed to receiving prompt service deliver by authentic and friendly hair artist, who's attention to detail and natural talent insure that every woman leave completely satisfied and often with results that exceeded their expectations.

We highly recommend that a new client books both a haircut and professional blow out, which is done section by section with and appropriate round blush. This way the artist can check for loose graduation (pieces that fall outside of the lines of the haircut) and trim them for a precious long haircut similar to the Vidal Sassoon technique. My familiarity with the Sassoon technique is that I was educated by their graduates.

Men’s Haircut
We make no distinction between hair salon services for women or men.

At VHA we pride ourself in giving each and every man special attention. our male clients can expect a precision cut that is tailored to they specific needs and with attention paid to shape and texture.

There is a reason our male client are willing to pay 60+ gratuity,it is because they know they can expect excellence and true customization in timely manner. Appointment are recommended however we accept walk ins.

Blowouts are one of our specialties.

As with so many hair establishments we offer a shampoo blow dry service, the difference with us is that we offer premium products on like Goldwell and Bumble and Bumble (for shampoo and conditioning).

Aleda is available upon request as well as sulfate free shampoos for our sensitive clients. Artists at VHA, they all have excellent hand when it comes to blow outs. Each a slightly different style but all are willing and able to fulfill whatever the needs of the client are on that day.

We generally one hr for this service, however each artist has their own speed and time needed.Consult when booking if you need to know how much time to anticipate being in the chair. Blowout often can include iron work, either ruling iron or smoothing iron (flat) which does incur an additional charge. Many hairstyles of todays require iron work.

Hi-Lights (hight-lights)
Although a common service, well done hi-lights require the kind of hair styling experience that we offer.

Highlights fall in several categories, these are the following techniques we offer at VHA:

Technique #1 - Foil hight-lights with tint (color) generally woven into hair with a variety of techniques and placements. However no bleach is used for this basic highlights service and the cost is generally at our staring price point.

Technique #2 - Foils with bleach. these technique is a bit more important in the sense that requires constant attention once applied. Bleach do not shut itself off (as a tint color highlight does). Therefor, requires more time and attention and expertise when it comes to toning the bleached highlights in order to create the blonde tone desired. The bleached highlights must be toned and toner requires more time and again artistry. their is a premium charge for bleached and toned highlights.

Technique #3 - Jambalaya: the word means sweeping in French. This technique has been around forever but has gained popularity through social media these days. It is a technique done by hand without the use of foils or cup. It takes a master to do it well. We have artists who enjoy Balayage and they do it very well!

Keratin Smoothing
Many years of experience guarantees a proper Keratin smoothing.

We offer the Cezanne Keratin Smoothing treatment. This service is revolution in the sense that smooth the hair for a full 100 days!

Even the tightest kink can’t win against the cozen smoothing treatment and unlike the Brazilian treatment with we also offer this one does not break the disulfide Blonde inside the cortex (inner structure) which allows for the hair personality to remain underneath the protein bonds that are applied and allowing the hair to return to natural after the 180 days has expired. Women love this concept and the product truly deliver amazing results.

Brazilian Blow Out
A real Brazilian Blow-Out requires the experience that we have.

The BBO is a staple in the industry, it offers permanent smoothing results for the woman or man that are decisive about surrendering their natural texture to smooth straight strands which last and last, generally after a re-touch is necessary.

We have the experience to re-shade your hair to what you have in mind.

Our re-shade color service is for those with varied degrees of white hair who wish to camouflage or hide completely with over fifty shades of gray to almost black. It washes away gradually which allows a client to avoid a time of demarcation which occurs with traditional hair coloring services.

Re-Touch Color Service
You can trust us for masterful final hair color re-touches.

At VHA we have our regular client whom come for a re-touch nearly every month on the clock. About half inch of new hair comes in every month and a re-touch is applied to the first half inch to two inches of regrowth. Always matching the previous coloring and always with our premium colors, Goodwell, Aveda, Red Ken, Nectar, Colorant demo-color Framisi.

A special event requires a special Hair Up-Do.

We offer an amazing talent pool for event hair of “up-do’s”Book ahead and don’t wash before hand. An inspiration photo is encouraged and always welcomed!

Children Haircuts
Bring your kids for our Power Child (TM) Cut.

We welcome all ages at VHA and kids are some of our best clients. The child cut has the same quality as the adult’s cut, we work hard to ensure the child feels safe and pampered.

Big plastic bag with a zip lock are given to the younger ones to take the cut hair home with them We find this concept help the younger child to help with the sense of loss that can accompany a first haircut or third. We found it has a calming effect on the child. Power Child (TM).